Dime v0.9: DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export library

Dime v0.9: DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export library

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                             Dime 0.9
           DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export library

                      from Systems In Motion



   1. Introduction
   2. Features
   3. Compatibility
   4. Availability
   5. Technical Support


   Dime is a C++ class library for reading, constructing, manipulating,
   and writing AutoCAD DXF files.  As should be obvious from the header,
   the name is an acronym for "DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export
   library".  The dime class hierarchy structure is heavily based on
   the structure of the AutoCAD DXF file format.

   Dime is released publicly, open source, under the GNU General Public
   License, version 2 (not the GNU LGPL, mind you).  An alternative
   commercial license can be acquired if so is desired.  Only source code
   is distributed for now, but binary distributions will be available
   for selected platforms from dime v1.0 and onwards.


   You can at the moment use dime for doing the following:

    - load DXF files into a dime object hierarchy containing the DXF data
    - build dime object hierarchies from scratch
    - extract geometry data from dime object hierarchies
    - manipulate dime object hierarchies
    - traverse the dime object hierarchies while performing various tasks
    - save dime object hierarchies as files conforming to the DXF file format

   Some dime statistics (not to be mistaken for useful information):

    - 110 source files (50% header files)
    - 15000 lines of code (without the preamble comments)

   A small example program that converts DXF files to VRML files is
   included.  Only polygon data is extracted from the DXF files, so
   it is not a full-blown converter, in case you are looking for one.


   The following platforms are known to be able to compile dime without
   any problems:

    - IRIX 6.2 (MIPS / DCC)  [inhouse development platform]
    - Linux 2.0.* (Intel / gcc)  [inhouse development platform]
    - BeOS (PowerPC / mwcc, Intel / gcc)
    - HPUX
    - MS Windows 9x/NT (MS Visual C++ 6.0)

   Compiling dime for other platforms / with other compilers should be
   fairly straight-forward.


   You can download the dime source archive from the dime web page.
   The URL is http://www.sim.no/dime.html.

   You can also download the dime source archive from Systems In
   Motion's ftp server (ftp.sim.no) under /pub/dime/.

   The source code is available both as a gzip compressed tape archive
   (dime-0.9-src.tar.gz) and as a zip file (dime-0.9-src.zip).


   Systems In Motion (SIM) has no obligation to provide technical support
   for the GPL licensed version of dime.  If resources permit, however,
   SIM will of course try to be as helpful as possible.

   Two mailing lists has been set up for dime support.

      This mailing list is for announcements related to dime.
      The list is read-only.

      This mailing list is for discussions related to dime.
      The list is open for posting for everyone subscribed.

   To subscribe to either of the two mailing lists, send an email to

   "subscribe <listname>".  To unsubscribe, use the complementary
   unsubscribe command.  For general help with SIM's mailing list
   server, use "help" as the subject line.

   We encourage everyone to use the dime-discuss mailing list for
   technical support problems, but if you absolutely do not care to


Software developer at Systems In Motion


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