pbmplus and msdos 6.22 conflict

pbmplus and msdos 6.22 conflict

Post by Brian Barn » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 00:13:26

Graphic enthusiasts,

I had memory problems using windows and qemm 6. I fixed them by
upgrading to dos 6.22, using memmaker to load everything high, and
not using qemm.

I had 628k free, everything loaded high, and 6k left in upper memory.
What could be better!

I used pbmblus->rawtoppm to convert raw RGB data to portable pixel map
(.ppm) format, and then I used ppmtotga to generate a TARGA file.

To my surprise, rawtoppm complained that it couldn't run in v86 mode,
and that it needed expanded memory. I removed the "noems" argument
from my emm386 loading, and my free memory dropped from 628k to 548k.
At least rawtoppm worked.

To my horror, however, ppmtotga now gives a segmentation violation
immediately upon execution as does the ppmmerge file which I copied and
renamed to make ppmtotga. I then switched to QEMM and commented out
himem and emm386, but got the same result which seems to point to dos

Has anyone else had problems with msdos 6.22 and pbmplus? Should I
boot with a dos 5 floppy to run ppmtotga. Are there any other