Why only 8 colors in Dialog?

Why only 8 colors in Dialog?

Post by Stephen Ka » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm relatively new to Mac programming.  I'm writing code resources
for a program called MAX. In a code resource, I've called a Dialog
with GetNewDialog.  In my Dialog, you can access the Color Picker,
which properly displays all the thousands of colors.  Yet when I
pick one, and try to draw with it in the Dialog box, it gets changed
to one of 8 primary colors.

I've monitored that the color is coming back from the color picker
correctly, but the Dialog box refuses to draw in the proper color.

My resource has a 'dctb' resource, so I thought that was
automatically supposed to return a pointer to a color graphics port.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Stephen Kay      composer/musician/programmer


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