Jasc: suggestion for psp6 :-)

Jasc: suggestion for psp6 :-)

Post by Michel » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi Don Crenshaw, El Shaddai, or whoever reads this!

I am currently on beta 3 and so far, no problems at all! (and this was after I
swore I would not beta test anything but PSP was too tempting, how could I not
try the new version of my favorite program? <G>)   I was wondering, is it
possible to add a "proof" button to the drop shadow?  Most of the effects can
be proofed, but not the drop shadow. It would be nice to have and save me all
those "I think it looks good, oops, not, hit the undo and redo again" steps.

And the new preset shapes are a nice addition.  How about a heart? <G>  

Thanks :-)

Michelle ;-)

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1. JASC re: S3 video problems in PSP6

On Tue, 01 Feb 2000 01:03:03 GMT, Chuck Anderson

Well, don't mention names to us, but you might want Jasc to know.  I'd
hate their tech support to slide to the level of other "shall remain
nameless" software companies.

I've since changed cards, but remember the problem all too well.  I
don't believe Jasc ever mentioned a fix.

I had the problem, and fixed it with an _older_ driver.  Specifically, I
dumped my newer S3 driver and replaced it with the standard version off
the Win 98 CD.

Will compute for food?  Seriously, PSP wasn't the only program that
showed this problem for me, and I had reverted to the old driver prior
to beta testing PSP - but when I saw the problems reported, I loaded the
latest drivers for the S3 and the problems returned.  Replaced them
again with the version from Win98 and they cleared up... best I can say
is that it worked for me, and it's a relatively easy thing to try. (You
may have to boot to DOS to remove all the old drivers, but it's not too

Good luck!


< o \"/  Don't play cat and mouse with me!                            (


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