3D input with a mouse

3D input with a mouse

Post by james ke » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:59:00

I am working on a project to develop an interface to a graphics system which
will be used to specify 3D object scaling, rotation, and translation with a
mouse.  Does anyone have any references which address this problem (i.e. that
of performing 3D input with a 2D device)?

Jim Kent
Department of Computer and Information Science
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210


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anyone know of a good way to get 3d input from a mouse? i want to
manipulate a 3d direction vector in a flightsim using a mouse. it
will be used for a popup navcomp screen, so i'm talking about
manipulating a 3d vector that is viewed from the third person
perspective. as in a virtual trackball, etc.

Norm Barrows - Rockland Software

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