Post by Yang Li K » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 22:18:47

I would like to know why when I use the cjpeg.exe
for example cjpeg image.bmp image.jpg

the result file is always IMAGE.JPG (caps) ?

also is there a way to tell the program to overywrite
the previous file if found automatically instead of having
to type Y or N ?

thank you very much


1. AIX Binary for 'cjpeg'

Does anyone know where I can get the binary of 'cjpeg' for AIX?  I need it
to convert ppm files to jpeg on an RS/6000.

Thanks.  Please reply via email.

- Rod


Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Computing
Thomas Jefferson University
Academic Information Services & Research
1020 Walnut St., 114 Scott Bldg
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5587


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