Computational Geometry journal - Special Issue on Virtual Reality

Computational Geometry journal - Special Issue on Virtual Reality

Post by Laurent Moccoze » Thu, 28 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Call for Papers

Special Issue of the Computational Geometry Journal
on Computational Geometry in Virtual Reality

Submission due: February 15th, 99

Computational Geometry provides a wide range of efficient and original
solutions to problems faced by researchers in Virtual Reality.

This special issue is dedicated to applications of Computational
to build, control, animate and display Virtual Worlds. Original,
research, practice, and experience papers are sought that address
Computational Geometry aspects and applications in Virtual Reality.
Topics include, but are not limited to:

* 3D Geometric Shape Modeling.
* 3D Shape Morphing and Warping.
* Rendering Virtual Worlds.
* Visualization of Virtual Worlds.
* Realistic Textures Simulation
 and Texture Mapping.
* Virtual Landscape Modeling.
* Natural Phenomenons Simulation.
* Articulated Characters Animation.
* Motion Control and Capture.
* Collision Detection in Virtual Worlds.
* Path and Route Planning in Virtual Worlds.
* Level of Details Management in Virtual Worlds.
* 3D Shape Simplification for Virtual Worlds.


  Paper submission: February 15, l999
  Acceptance/rejection notification: May 1, l999
  Final manuscript submission: June 15, l999
  Publication: late l999/early 2000

The guest editors of this issue are:

Prof. Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann,


Dr. Laurent Moccozet

MIRALab, University of Geneva,
24 Rue du General Dufour
CH 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland,

Submission guidelines:

Authors should carefuly check the guide for authors available from

           - Paper manuscript submission:

           Send five copies of the full manuscript to:

             Laurent Moccozet
             MIRALab, University of Geneva,
             24 Rue du General Dufour
             CH 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
        FAX: +41 22 705 77 80
             phone: +41 22 705 76 19

           - Electronic submission:

           Authors may submit their paper by ftp. The electronic version
of your manuscript should be submitted in PDF (preferred) or  Postscript
using anonymous ftp to The paper should be submitted
as one file. The file name should be first  author's name. Please follow
the procedure:

             username: anonymous
             password: <your email address>
             cd cgta
             put <filename>

In any case, you should send an email to the editors with the title of
paper, the authors with affiliation, the contact author, the abstract
eventually the filename used for ftp.