POV-Ray 3.00e/Win bug?

POV-Ray 3.00e/Win bug?

Post by Jagge » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

high friends :)

Using the Windows95 port of POV-Ray 3.00e (d/l'ed Wed, 11th this month)
I have a problem, not suro whether or not it is a bug.

I rendered, but had to minimize the render window. Now the prob:
i didn't find a way to get it back on the screen. In Windoze's Taskbar
there was no separate entry for it, and also the couple of Toolbar
Buttons of POV-Ray (Close/Re-display the Render Window) didn't work
in this sense.

Any idea?

I would be glad to get response via email, cause i have not that much
time to read all newsgroups i'm interested in.

Best regards,
L. Lang
L. Lang, ITP, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH

http://itpsub1.fzk.de     (poor and mostly german, but a gentle start
                           (IMHO) with a POV-Ray rendered title picture)


1. POV-Ray 3.00e for RS-6000/AIX

  As some of you were interested in the POV-Ray binaries for RS-6000, I've
posted my version at:


  Binaries are compiled with -O2 -ffast-math and -funroll-loops and seem to
work OK (or at least the've been working OK for several weeks).
  Now, I know Poland is an end-of-the-world-mega-lag-no-hope-to-pull-
-from-there country, so if you have any problems (and a pretty big mailbox),
let me know and I'll mail you the files.

                                                  | Lukasz Grochal (.)

  "Use LEMMY, the only quality elvis for Windows."

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