Competition: UPDATE

Competition: UPDATE

Post by Matt Kru » Tue, 15 Nov 1994 05:22:48

Due to some more discussion on this topic, I'm posting this update.  
Below is all relevant information you need to know, I hope.  If there are
any questions, please e-mail me.  This month of Novemeber is going to a
test month, sort of.  Since we only have half of the time left, please
just try to get something done and submitted.  Next month we will have
more time and can try it "for real."

THIS MONTH'S TOPIC:  "Tools"  (any kind - be original)

Every month, a new topic will be posted to,, and the DKB listserv.  Users then have one month to come
up with an idea, design it, and render it.  At the end of the month, all
contributions will become available to everyone, and you can finally see
the ideas that others came up with.

This competition should accomplish two main things.  First, it will give
an incentive to those who are new to raytracing.  Since the topic is set,
all they have to do is come up with a few ideas and get started.  Second,
it will be interesting to see everyone's different ideas and skills at
work.  The reason there is one set topic is so we can compare how people
interpreted the topic, what they did with it, and how original their idea
was.  There is still the "Image of the Month" that Chris Cason selects,
so this is a little different.

Once again, these rules are not set in stone.  They have already changed
a little since last time.  More comments are welcome.

1.  All images will be 640x480 in JPG format, preferrably more than 256

2.  Any tracing program may be used to create the image.  This includes
Pov-Ray, PolyRay, or even 3D Studio.  No image editing programs may be
used after the render has been completed (meaning no blurs, camera
flares, etc).  

3.  All images must be original.  You can't use someone else's drawing.  
You also can't pull up a drawing you made a while ago and use it.  That
defeats the purpose.

4.  Any objects may be used that you downloaded from an FTP site, got
from another user, got off a CD, etc.  But you MUST tell where these
objects were taken from and give proper credit in your text and scene file.

5.  Your scene file should be included with the image.  If you have a
large include file with a triangle-mesh object, or image_maps, or some
other part of your scene that is large, you can leave those out.  Just
include the main scene file so everyone can see how you made your image.

6.  Include a text file along with your image.  The file should contain
your name, the date completed, the file name, program(s) used, and any
comments you have.

7.  When uploading your image, make the first two letters of the file
name your initials.  This is so everyone doesnt try to upload the same
filename like "tools.jpg".  Some people will undoubtedly be confused by
the error message they receive if that file name is already there.

A special directory has been set up by Chris Cason for this competition.  
All uploads should be made at in the directory
There is also discussion of an alt.binaries.raytracing newsgroup.  If
anyone wants to pursue creating this group, that would be great.  But
keep in mind that it might not be available at all sites, so the
availability might be limited.  FTP is the best option.

Chris has also set aside a free Pov-Ray CD-ROM to be given to the
"winner" of each month's competition.  If we can come up with a fair way
to judge the images, this will take place.  If not, then we'll skip the
prize and just do it for fun.

How will the new topics be picked?  I dont know, exactly.  Any imput is
appreciated.  For now, mail me any topics you can think of.  I will make
a list and go from that if need be.

Please e-mail me with any comments, and start working on you scene for
this month!


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1. May Competition Winners and New June Competitions and Prizes

Hi All,

The winners are up for the May Digital ImageMaker competitions:
Winner of REALVIZ Panorama stitching software is Jeff Morgan:
Winner of Corel Painter software is Barbara Stitzer:
Winner of Extensis Portfolio software for the best multi-image collage
is SkyDancer:

Congratulations to the winners and their prizes are on the way.

Competitions for June are:
Panorama Image - Prize REALVIZ Panorama Software
Digital Painting - Prize Corel Painter
Manipulated Photography - Prize Corel PaintShop Pro X
Vector Illustration - Prize CorelDRAW X3 Graphics Suite



Wayne J. Cosshall
Publisher, The Digital ImageMaker,

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