Fast primitive drawing in GL?

Fast primitive drawing in GL?

Post by ROBERT PRING » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi there:
        I'm currently drawing primitive objects in GL (sphere, torus,
cone, cylinder) but I find that the drawing times are a little on the
slow side especially when textures are applied. Currently the objects are
being drawn with polygon mesh strips except the torus which is drawn with
simple polygons.
        Does anyone have any suggested methods for drawing fast
primitives? I'd really appreciate any suggestions in this area...

                        Thanks, Rob.


1. Drawing a FAST Torus in GL - HELP!!

Hi again:
        I'm drawing tori (I hope that's the plural for torus) and am
creating it using polygons. The problem is that it's SLOW!

        Does anyone, who knows more about this stuff than me (which
shouldn't be too hard <g> ), know how to draw one faster (eg. with
meshes or something else)? Or does anyone know how OpenGL
does it?

        Again I'd be grateful because this would speed up my drawing

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