Looking for Graphic animation for PC ...

Looking for Graphic animation for PC ...

Post by Harry Burfo » Sun, 16 Sep 1990 01:19:29

I'm looking for an application for the PC that will allow me
to develop graphic animation.   I know there is a product
(can't remember the name) available from the folks that did
AutoCAD.  Comments and notes about your experiences would be
appreciated.   Please EMAIL to me and I will post a summary.
- thanks

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 I am currently transferring CorelDRAW .cdr files to .tif format.  I need
 them to be in uncompressed, black and white .tif format so PageMaker can
 use them.  The only way I currently have available to do this is by
 bringing the .cdr file up in CorelDRAW and then exporting to the correct
 .tif format.  However, this is time consuming.  
 I am looking around for a conversion program that will do this automatically.
 I'm sure one exists, but I just can't seem to find it.  If you have any
 info on such a program, shareware or commercial, please let me know.  
  Any help is greatly appreciated.

  Please e-mail me any responses as I don't have the time to wade through
 dozens of articles looking for one for me. :)  

    Deb Marks

      --Programmer and Hardware Tech
      --Computer Solutions
      --Myrtle Beach, SC

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