Displacement mapping

Displacement mapping

Post by John Pon » Sat, 15 Sep 1990 02:15:12

     Sorry about the previous posting, this one should be a little
     easier to read.

     I am looking for some information on displacement mapping.
     Displacement mapping is similar to texture mapping or bump
     mapping except that in displacement mapping the idea is to
     make the siloutte of a model appear realistic such as the
     grooves of a*or the dimples on a golf ball.  Displacement
     mapping appears to be fairly new and I have not been able
     to find any papers on it.  I would appreciate any information
     on it or any references that I could use to find out more
     about it (particularly how to implement it).  Thanks.

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1. Displacement map, um, MAP resources?

    Yo.   Does anybody know of any resources that supply elevation maps
in some kinda graphic gray-scale format that would make for easy
displacement mapping of , say, state maps?

    Basically, I want to make a relief version of a state map.
(Washington, to be exact.)  I can't just scan a regular "relief" map
because that has a shadowing convention built in.

    Also, this doesn't have to be all that accurate, so 255 steps is
probably fine, if not overkill.

Thanks, fellow animators!

**  Look!  There's ARAT in the middle of "separate"!

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