Matrox Millennium II Woes

Matrox Millennium II Woes

Post by Kevin Krau » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I recently bought a used 8600 with a G3 Upgrade and a Matrox Millennium II
8MB Graphics Card. The machine runs fine, but the Millennium seems to be
very slow compared to the onboard video - It cannot play 25fps Fullscreen
Quicktime, and the screen redraw is often clearly noticable. I got the
latest BIOS and drivers, but the behavior is the same. Any Idea what's
Also, since I installed MacOS 8.5 on the machine, the Millennium is not
recognized at the first startup - when I reset the machine immediately
after the Happy Mac appears on the onboard-connected screen, the
Millennium is recognized as it should be, else the Millennium-connected
screen stays dark...
I am quite surprised about this, as the Millennium II is a very performing
graphics adapter in a PC - did Matrox f*ck up the Mac version??

Help greatly appreciated

Kevin Krause

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