Graphic Imaging Library Anyone ?

Graphic Imaging Library Anyone ?

Post by Ken Colas » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 04:34:09


        Does anyone know of a stealthy graphics imaging library
        that would permit me to do the following with my scanned
        graphic images:

                o       rotate
                o       zoom in/out
                o       compress/decompress

        I am looking for something real lean and thread safe that
        provides an easy to interface API.


        - Ken


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1. Anyone used GraphiC/Win scientific plotting library?

Hi. Does anyone have any experience in using a graph plotting
library called GraphiC/Win by Scientific Endeavors?

Its advertised as a C graphics package that can be compiled and
linked using Borland C++. What I need to know is whether that
means it will work with C++ applications in Borland C++ or
only C?

I've already had problems using the cdecl and extern "C"
keywords in Borland C++ so I'd just like to make sure first.

Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.



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