Help wanted on this POVRAY 3 trace-settings

Help wanted on this POVRAY 3 trace-settings

Post by hspie.. » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi All POVray3 enthousiasts,

Is there anyone out here who can tell me:

- how do I get more light in my scene?
- how do I get the highest quality possible with the camera depth blur?

I'm not happy with the result so far. The result is included.

section 1/1   file   [ Wincode 2.6.6 ]

begin 644




sum -r/size 2052/318180

section 1/1   file   [ Wincode 2.6.6 ]


1. I need desperately help in ray tracing / setting a line


I am somehow stuck, and I can't get any further searching the news

The problem:

I just want to shoot a straight line through an object under the
current cursor position.

The set up:

I use

gluPerspective(45,(w / h),0.1,1000);
and the camera is with gluLookAt
0,0,70 facing the 0,0,0 (orgin);

The window is 300 * 300 pixel (w, h);

I tried using the gluUnProject() function as described in previous
posts put somehow does this not work. I am as well not sure how to
convert the actual mouse coords into screen coord at my current
position. (I tried to find out the z-heigth at my camera position with
tan and mapped it to the realtive mouse coords):

float zCoord = tan(PI/8) * pCamera->vActualCamPosition.z;
vMouse.x = (float)zCoord/(iWindowWidth/2) * (float)( x -
vMouse.y = (float)zCoord/(iWindowHeight/2) * (float)((iWindowHeight/2)
- y);
vMouse.z = pCamera->vActualCamPosition.z;

or is this complete nonsense?

I would very appreciate if someone could help me.

Thanks a lot in advance


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