Number to BMP tool?

Number to BMP tool?

Post by Tim » Fri, 07 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a tool that can easily convert a given number to a .bmp
(or any other graphic file for that matter)?

For example, I have a series of numbers a sample of which is:


I just need to convert these numbers to .bmps?  Any



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I have noticed that in PSP5 and now PSP6 my tool bar only goes down as far
as the Text tool. I have turned off the status bar and still the tools only
go as far as the text tool. I have also tried resizeing the PSP window but
to no avail.

Presently I have to select a tool from the tool bar and then click on the
wrench to get to preset shapes and drawing tools.

Does anyone know how to cure this ??

D.R. Webb

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