Problem creating PDF file with hyperlinks on Mac

Problem creating PDF file with hyperlinks on Mac

Post by Susan Gros » Tue, 01 May 2001 04:15:56


I am using a mac g3 with system 9.0.4, MS Word 2001, and Adobe Acrobat 5.
I can't get hyperlinks that were created in the word document to behave
like hyperlinks once the ps file is created and its run through Distiller.
I try the Webcapture option, and it says that there are no hyperlinks in
the document. Now, if I save the word document as a webpage, and then do
Open as PDF in Acrobat, the same hyperlinks work properly.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.





1. PDF File Hyperlinks in Pagemaker =

Given is a pagemaker document with a lines of content. "File/Export til
Adobe pdf..."
gives a pdf document with hyperlinks to places around INSIDE of this

So now the question is: are there any tools out there, so we can have our
hyperlinks to direct OUTSIDE, i.e. to other, external files. d:\pdf\001.pdf,
d:\pdf\002.pdf, etc...

Thank you,

Leif Drastrup

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