IEEE Visualization '94 Conference, October 17-21, Washington, DC

IEEE Visualization '94 Conference, October 17-21, Washington, DC

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                     *ATTEND VISUALIZATION '94 AND SEE*

                *Visualization in the Information Highway*
A distinguished keynote panel debating how visualization and graphical
user interfaces are going to lead in overcoming the challenges posed by
the National Information Infrastructure and the immense amounts of
data that are coming.  Plus Tom Kalil, Director of the National Economic
Council at the White House, will lead off with a discussion of plans for
and impact of the National Information Infrastructure.

            *Interactive Visualization via 3D User Interfaces*
A special address by Andries van Dam on the burgeoning effort in developing
new interfaces that use direct manipulation and 3D widgets and are
transforming both the desktop and virtual reality.

PLUS tutorials and papers on virtual reality, sessions on multimedia and
visualization, case studies on medical and environmental applications,
and much more.  The fifth IEEE Visualization conference focuses on
interdisciplinary methods and supports collaboration among the developers
and users of visualization across all of science, engineering, medicine,
and commerce.  You will get a chance to meet and talk with professionals from
academia, government, and industry and from across the U.S, Europe, and
Asia.  The Conference Week includes tutorials, symposia, mini-workshops,
and three-way parallel tracks of papers, panels, and case studies.  In
addition, there is a special Demonstration/Exhibition presenting
the latest in visualization hardware and software.

                                Visualization '94
  Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Graphics
                     In Cooperation with ACM/SIGGRAPH
                         **October 17-21 1994**
          * Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner * Washington, DC

Early Registration Deadline:  September 23, 1994
Hotel Registration Deadline:  September 25, 1994


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