nmake problem

nmake problem

Post by Paavo Makela,Vaasa Finla » Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm using MS Visual C++ 5 product with RenderMan on NT platform.
When I start the Flexlm license server, everything goes fine and
Renderman is functioning properly. But if I try to make any of the
tutorial chapter scenes the make -process does not finish; it
complains that there is an internal error. This is very odd.
And what's even more odd is that when I shut off the Flexlm
license server, the make goes fine but stops at the obvious: no
license for prman.

I could not find any explanation in the MS C++ documentation on
NMAKE and CL error codes.

This problem is very annoying as it effectively makes prman a bit


1. Problems for glutwin32.mak by NMAKE

    I transplant my code from UNIX to WIN NT and I have installed glut
3.6. When I execute

    nmake -f Makefile.win

I get the error message.

E:/glut-3.6/glutwin32.mak(71) : fatal error U1083: target macro
'$(EXES)' expands to nothing

my Makefile.win is

=================== Makefile.win ==============================
# Makefile for Win32

!include <e:\Progra~1\DevStu~1\vc\include\win32.mak>

TOP = E:/glut-3.6

!include "$(TOP)/glutwin32.mak"


SRCS = vf2Dmain.c vf2Dui.c vf2Dintpl.c vf2Dread.c vf2Dfunc.c
vf2Dmotionctrl.c vf2Ddraw.c vf2Dwrite.c

OBJS =  vf2Dmain.obj vf2Dui.obj vf2Dintpl.obj vf2Dread.obj vf2Dfunc.obj
vf2Dmotionctrl.obj vf2Ddraw.obj vf2Dwrite.obj

HEADERS = vf2Dclass.h vf2Dfunc.h vf2Dmotionctrl.h vf2Dwrite.h
vf2Ddefine.h vf2Dintpl.h vf2Dread.h vfgl.h vf2Ddraw.h vf2Dmain.h vf2Dui.h

# dependencies

vf2Dfunc.obj : vf2Dfunc.c vf2Dread.c vf2Dintpl.c $(HEADERS)

vf2Dintpl.obj : $(HEADERS) vf2Dintpl.c

vf2Dread.obj : $(HEADERS) vf2Dread.c vf2Dintpl.c

vf2Ddraw.obj : $(HEADERS) vf2Ddraw.c

vf2Dwrite.obj : $(HEADERS) vf2Dwrite.c

vf2Dmotionctrl.obj : $(HEADERS) vf2Dmotionctrl.c

vf2Dui.obj : $(HEADERS) vf2Dui.c

vf2Dmain.obj : $(HEADERS) $(SRCS)

Can  anybody  help me? Thank you very much.

Jia-Huei Liao

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