Please help! Still having question about SoXtExaminerViewer when setting "low resolution"

Please help! Still having question about SoXtExaminerViewer when setting "low resolution"

Post by Michelle Zh » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 07:10:25

        Thanks for the hints which helps me to find the source code
of SoXtViewer and its subclasses. Now I DO know what has been done
when I select "low resolution" as my drawStyle inside SoXtExaminerViewer.
But I still don't quite understand why I can "see" the cube faces inside of
a transparent cube while I setting low resolution, and I cannot see
the faces inside of the transparent cube when is rendered AS_IS....
I even saved the whole scenegraph (starting from sceneRoot of SoXtViewer )
while I was setting "low resolution", but when I pass this saved scene graph
to a viewer, I cannot see the faces inside the cube disappear again!
So I think there must be something else has been done, then I double checked
the code of doRendering(), still didn't see anything special there.
If I had time, I would like to sit down to go thru the code line by line.
However, I just cannot do that at this moment, I hope someone who knows
the reason could help me out....

The simplest test case is:

 create a scene graph such as
        Separator {
           Material {
                transparency 0.75
           Cube { }

  then create a viewer, and set its transparency type is SORTED_OBJECT_BLEND

then load the above Inventor description, in AS_IS mode you only way the
outline of the cube, nothing special. However, when you turn on "low resolution"
from the pop-up menu, and you rotate the cube, you could "see thru" the cube and
see the facess inside the cube! If you turn off low resolution, the faces inside
the cube disappear too...

Thank you very for your help in advance...



1. Please help: What did SoXtExaminerViewer do when setting "low resolution"?

        What did SoXtExaminerViewer do when I selected the menu to set
the drawStyle to "low resolution"? First I thought it just added a
SoComplexity and set the value to 0.0 or something smaller than 0.5 (default).
I like the effect "low resolution" produced(esp. when the object
is transparent), and I tried to do it on my own
(for only part of my scene graph) by adding a SoComplexity node and setting
the complexity value to very low. However, I didn't get
what I want (which is produced by "low resolution" in viewer).

So what else viewer did when setting the "low resolution" draw style?
I also found out that the SoXtViewer::DrawStyle is not matching the pop-up
menu items in SoXtExaminerViewer window.

I am using Open Inventor 2.0.1.

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