tms 34020 users guide

tms 34020 users guide

Post by kevd » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:13:40

I am desperately searching for a ti tms 340 users guide. This is the
manual that defines the programming environment for the tms340x0 gsp
processors. Obviously, TI was NO help. Anybody know where I might find




1. Wanted: TMS 34020 Software Development Board

We have been using PC-based ISA-bus TMS 34020 Development Boards for
several years in various projects. Some projects have a high availability
requirement, so we need spare boards in case one board breaks down.

Unfortunately TMS 34020 support has been discontinued in the Netherlands
(and we believe worldwide) so we can not purchase more boards. We are
therefore interested in acquiring used TMS 34020 boards.

Anyone who has an obsolete/unused TMS 34020 SDB for sale is
requested to contact me (by e-mail).

Tycho Lamerigts
Delft University of Technology

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