Intersection of 3D Bodies

Intersection of 3D Bodies

Post by Yaohong Jia » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> >     There's a function defined for polyhedral intersections in the
> >Java 3D API.  Not sure if Sun has actually implemented the thing yet,
> >but look around for Java 3D API implementations.  That's probably
> >the most off-the-shelf solution.   I mostly do collision detection,
> >so I'm not really up on CSG kernels.

> Also, there used to be code by A. T. Campbell III available at


> implementing CSG on polyhedra represented by BSP trees. This is an
> implementation of the BSP tree merge described in

> , author = "B. Naylor and J. A. Amanatides and W. Thibault"
> , title =  "Merging {BSP} trees yields polyhedral set operations"
> , booktitle =   "Proc. SIGGRAPH '90"
> , volume =      24
> , year =   1990
> , pages =  "115--124"
> }

> As I remember it correctly, the code also includes routines for
> boundary representations of polyhedra to BSP trees and vice versa.

Besides the implementation occationally fail, I do not think the code
mentioned above provided capability of computing Brep from a BSP tree.

For a robust and fast implementation of the algorithm plus two other BSP
based solid modeling technology, see
For shareware programs, see


Dennis Jiang