search/extract text from PSD/JPG info (res.fork )

search/extract text from PSD/JPG info (res.fork )

Post by Rune Myklebust Toft » Sat, 16 Feb 2002 18:59:48


I Have a lot of images on my hd and CDs but not a good uniform
Wonder if there are methods/applications that can search through the entire
disk for only PSD/JPG-text-resources.



1. Extract text info from JPEG format

hi all,

I'm looking for some programcode (preferable in C or C++) to extract header
information and picture information from JPEG files. I need this to use the
'text info field' that can be filled in in Photoshop, in my own (MS-ACCESS)
Anyone out there that can give me some clues in finding such a piece of
program (DLL, OCX or something)

As a second question I like to know where I can find the exact (physical)
format descriptions of JPEG and TIFF files. There must be webpages about the
graphic formats.

Thanks alot,

Please send your answer also to my private address:

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