cgm/iges/gks/phigs packages wanted

cgm/iges/gks/phigs packages wanted

Post by Mark Sherm » Tue, 09 Oct 1990 05:15:30

I am trying to find packages that support manipulation of cgm, iges, gks
and phigs files (I am assuming these will be different packages and not
the same one!). I am interested in both "public domain" and commercial
versions. Source code is nice, but not essential (but in the absence of
source code, support is necessary). Similarly, a C interface is nice but
not essential. I have access to Unix, Mac and DOS, so as long as I can
get the package on one of those, I'll be OK. I know about xgks. I've
heard about sphigs, but don't know anything about it -- I will be
finding out, so please, no more pointers about that.
(PS I didn't see anything obvious in slugging through old and net.sources.*. Any other places I should have
looked? )

1. GKS or CGM --> idraw translator wanted

Does anybody know of a GKS driver for InterViews Idraw PostScript, or
a translator CGM --> Idraw? I would also be interested in hearing
about other programs that can produce Idraw PostScript as output
(plot2ps is the only one I know of).

If you are not familiar with it, Idraw is an interactive graphics
editor (something like MacDraw) that runs under X. It is part of the
InterViews X Toolkit avail. via anon. ftp from
Idraw files are compatible with PostScript, but not vice-versa.

I would also be interested in hearing about any other good graphics
("object", not raster) editors (other than xfig) that run under X,
especially if they can import CGM files.

Boston University                  uucp: {harvard,uunet}!!bucasb!rosen

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