Pro's&Cons of OpenGL

Pro's&Cons of OpenGL

Post by Glen » Thu, 02 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have an ATI Rage Orion installed in my Umax S-900 604-e 200mhz.
running OS8.1  I was wondering what the advantages of installing OpenGL
and v4.0.1ATI updates might be?  Am I correct in assuming that the only
performance boosts will be in games/applications that use OpenGl?  Is it
really worth the trouble if I am NOT a programmer, serious gamer or a
high end 3-D software  user?
Obviously I am a neophyte so please been kind in your responses.  Thanks
folks,     Glen Gardner

1. Pros & Cons / Corel vs Adobe

Ok, I'm getting ready to layout some of my own cash and want to make sure I
get a reasonable package that I won't kick myself over later on...

I am looking for both vector and bitmap graphics apps. I've looked at both
Photoshop/Illustrator and Corel Graphics Suite/Draw/Photopaint and have come
to only the following superficial differences:

1) Price. Adobe definitely costs more than Corel
2) Defacto Standard. Adobe is it in most shops.

I'm not doing this for work, as my employer doesn't care what you use, so
long as it works. This explains IT's attitude towards my TiBook: helpful,
interested, and not antagonistic. I would like the skills to carry over,
though, as I don't expect to work in the same place forever.

I've used Gimp off and on for some time now and am, for the most part, quite
happy with it. I do need an industry-accepted vector-based app, though, as

Any other ideas will certainly be appreciated.

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