My new Quick Draw 3D program

My new Quick Draw 3D program

Post by Davi » Sun, 07 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have just released a Quick Draw 3D program for Power
Macintoshs called HolliDance. It can be found at

HolliDance is a simple dance program that I've written as
a personal project. It displays a girl who dances in sync
to music. The program simulates 2 cameras that move about
her club, two spot lights that move about and change color,
and an ocasional stobe light effect. HolliDance is a real
time animation program; no two frames are ever the same.

HolliDance exixts in four versions: PowerMac, SGI, Be OS,
and Sony Play Station (Net Yaroze).

The Power Mac version is written in Apple's Quick Draw 3D.
It has a complete Macintosh GUI and includes the ability
        1. Play various MOD song formats with Holli dancing
           in sync to the music.

        2. Save, copy, and print the screen at anytime.

        3. Manually control the camera's location and zoom

        4. Manually change rendering options to provide a
           faster rendering rate.

It has been a fun project and hopefully others will enjoy it
as well.

David White


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Hi all,

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Andrew J Fortune,

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