IRIS GL -> GLX queries

IRIS GL -> GLX queries

Post by Stephen Gallimo » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 01:11:19

Over the past few days I have converted a suite of programs from pure GL to
GLX, having never written a program using the X11 libraries before. Working
from the examples in 4Dgifts, the manual pages and the Insight books this
has been a fairly easy task. However there are three areas of the old mex
system that I need some help with and which do not appear to have been
covered elsewhere, including the graphics FAQ.

1. Converting blanktime calls to disable the screen saver:
   I think I have this one sussed but I would just like some confirmation,
   is the following correct:
   XSetScreenSaver(display,0,0,0,0); // disable screen saver , i.e. blanktime(0)
   XSetScreenSaver(display,-1,0,0,0); // restore default screen saver

2. How does the noborder() GL call tell 4Dwm not to place a border around
   a window ? I know from experience that it is specific to 4Dwm (or at least
   a window manager based on mwm). I wondered if it was doing something with
   a VendorShell widget, but libgl doesn't depend on the motif libraries as
   far as I can tell. I know I can set specific 4DWm*xxx.clientDecoration
   resources, but this is messy to set up on every machine you might run on
   particularly when there is clearly a way to do it from the program.

3. Is there a simple way of imitating cursoff()/curson() ? The only way I
   can see at the moment is to do a XCreateGlyphCursor with space as the glyph.
   There surely must be an easier way !!!! Just as an aside is it possible
   to access the full screen cross-hair cursor i.e. curstype(CCROSS) within a
   GLX window ?

Any help would be much appreciated, particularly on turning the cursor off,
I would like to have the revised system in use next week.

Thanks in advance,
Stephen Gallimore.

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1. Mac-->engraving plate; IRIS query

Two questions:

1)  Does anyone know of any engraving services in the Chicago area or the
greater Midwest (or anywhere for that matter)that can download a Mac PS file
and output it to a metal or plastic engraving plate.  I'm looking to do some
limited edition intaglio prints using this method of plate preparation.

2)  Are there any service bureaus that make IRIS outputs using permanent
inks. It's been awhile since I have had need for an IRIS and I remember in
the past that the inks were non-permanent vegetable dyes that fade.  I know
UV coatings are available, but I more interested in permanent inks.

Thanks in advance for any leads.

Christopher Wray

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