pbmplus compiled for DOS?

pbmplus compiled for DOS?

Post by Chris Mcca » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

  Does anyone know where I can get compiled binaries for
the pbmplus graphics conversion tools for DOS (or Windows)?



1. pbmplus compiled for DOS 386, help what else is needed?

During one of my scans of the Net I found a reference to a successful
compiling of pbmplus on DOS for a 386. The binary files are located on
garbo.wuasa.ed I believe, but like an idiot I didn't jot down where
I found this information, or who sent it.

I have the binaries in their combined format.


What do I need to do to extract each pbm executable file?
What do I need to run them... a DOS extender?

Any other information with regards to these binaries would be much

Allan H. Evans

note: we are having disk problems, my host machine may be up and
down in the next few days. Others may be interested in this info,
so feel free to post it to the Net.


Reminder: next time write down the source!!!!

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