ColorIt 3.0 printing oddity...

ColorIt 3.0 printing oddity...

Post by Robert Westbro » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

      Hi everyone.

      I ran across what seems to me to be a bug in ColorIt 3.0 (or maybe
it's a feature; I don't know enough about graphics to really say). And
before you tell me to get Photoshop, I'll say it's too expensive for me
right now, and even if I did have it, I don't have the RAM to use it
properly (I have 8mb). I don't have a PostScript printer, either. I have
the Apple Color Printer, which is a 360 dpi inkjet QuickDraw SCSI printer.
I'm running a Q660AV, and a Microtek ScanMaker II.
      The oddity crops up when I try to print scanned (scanned at 360dpi)
TIFF images at 360dpi from the print dialog box in ColorIt. If I have the
option, "QuickDraw" checked, it prints in color, but at what looks to be
72 dpi, or not much better. It just looks pretty poor. If I check the
"Custom Dither" box, and hit the Options button next to it, and turn on
the "diffusion" dither choice available there, it prints at a wonderfully
fine resolution (looks like the best it's capable of, and it looks really
good) , but only in gray scale. No matter what I tinker with, if I have
that "custom dither" box checked, it produces excellent resolution, but
only in gray-scale. If I go back to the "quick draw" box, color is
restored, but the resolution and quality goes to hell.  What do I have set
wrong? I've never been able to produce the finely dithered color prints
that I've seen in the showroom with this thing, even though I have the
correct paper (Color BJ Paper, from Canon, the actual printer
manufacturer) and have had this printer for a year and a half. I know the
printer is capable of it, because I've seen it produce these samples in
the showroom.
      Is "custom dither" a term that applies only to gray-scale images,
and is that why it prints my color images in gray scale when I have that
option checked? Or is there some combination of image type, resolution, or
whatever that is causing this frustrating problem? It's maddening to see
the printer do such fine work in gray scale, and when you want a color
image, the quality goes to hell...

      Any and all help will be greatly appreciated,

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ColorIt 3.0 printing oddity...

Post by Kevin Tieskoett » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Have you tried messing with the RAM allocation to Color It? It may be
trying to print in a high resolution, but running out of memory.

"Custom Dither" will always give you grayscale.


   Kevin Tieskoetter / Software Engineer, Specular International