TV channel seeks Computer Graphics artists

TV channel seeks Computer Graphics artists

Post by Gregory Adams-Tai » Fri, 15 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Wow Television International... the virtual Corporation spread across
Europe is launching 8 new digital TV stations in Britain.

We are seeking computer literate graphics designers to give our image a
brush up... we want the most innovative and exciting images as channel
logos and on screen moving images.

You don't need a reputation what you do need is talent and the ability to
produce on your own equipment.

If you want your shot at immortality and fame contact us, but first look at
our boring web site at:   ...see how much
we need you?


1. Computer Graphic Artist seeks employment

                               Floyd Z. Yancey

                                 Home Address:
                               8139 Wilkinsville
                             Millington, TN 38053

                               (901) 873-4604
                              Fax (901) 873-1060


12/97 - present, Copy-Rite graphics and printing. Typesetting.
        I work when they need me.

2/92 - present, Wallace Witmer Publishing/Southern Motor Cargo Magazine.
I do
       hand drawn artwork, photo scanning/manipulation and page
       maintain network environment.

4/95 - 1/96, Art Director at The Republican Times
     I did page layout and design, comics, and editing.

92 - present, Freelance artist     Self employed
     I work on various art projects for local businesses.


2.5 years towards BFA in Art Illustration/Graphic Design, University of
1 year in Industrial Design, Heart of the Ozarks Tech. Comm. College.


You can view examples of my artwork  on the internet at
I am highly skilled with powermac computers as well as, Adobe Photoshop,
Quark Express, Ray Dream Studio
and Adobe Pagemaker. Experience with World Wide Web design, .gif
animations, Cartooning, Isometric tile
artwork for video games, computer/traditional illustration, 3d rendering
and animation and 4 color process
(CMYK) photo scanning. I can troubleshoot and repair many macintosh
software problems, and install mac
hardware. Experienced with Macintosh networking (Installing, wiring

I also have about 200 pieces of tile artwork that could be used in a
The tiles are the size and shape of the tiles in Ultima online.

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