Give me your opinion of my site, please

Give me your opinion of my site, please

Post by DPG » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I am currently redesigning my web pages and was wondering if everyon
here could give me their opinion. It's under construction so it shoud
change a little bit everyday.
The url is:

Thanks to all who help me out!!


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1. Visualization software: Please give us your opinion

We are currently preparing an undergraduate course in 3-d graphics and
visualization. Our lab will use DECstations 5000 and a few Silicon
Graphics (either PI or Indigos). The question now is the software we
should choose as the main programming platform for the course. Our
requirements are
     * students will expand the existing software with their own programs;
     * students should not need to learn two different systems to
       work on different computers;
     * the installation of the software should be accomplished in a short
     * the software should contain modules for 3-d graphics and data
If you have recommendations (e.g. apE, AVS, etc.), please tell us about your
experience with the software you are recommending. Please warn us if you
had bad experiences with graphics/visualization packages.


Gitta Domik
University of Colorado
Dept. of Computer Science


Dept. of Computer Science


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