Resolution of Monitor Resolution Problem

Resolution of Monitor Resolution Problem

Post by mrja » Thu, 29 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to all who gave advice on my original post.  I changed the dip
switch configuration on my adapter and I now have, in addition to 640x480,
832x624 and
104x768.  Hallelujah!!!!!

Thanks again



1. !G3-333 Monitor Resolution Problems!

Please Help. Here's what I have:
Running System 8.6.
An Apple 15" MultiScan AV monitor. When hooked up to my old Performa 6360
with NO graphics card and only 1MB ov VRAM, I could still go to my
"Monitors and Sound" controls panel, and have choices of a bunch of

could CHANGE the word, "Recommended," to "ALL" and have a HUGE choice of
all kinds of resolutions.

Heres the problem:  I just bought a Beige G3 333MHZ minitower WITH a 64
bit ATI graphics card, with 6MB of VRAM, and NOW, when I go to the
"Monitors and Sound" control panel, I ONLY have THREE choices in the
"Recommended" list, and I CANNOT, I repeat,***CANNOT*** change the word,
"recommended" to "ALL" for the list of other choices.

Yes, it is the correct monitor cable.
My monitor gave a zillion choices with my Performa.
I tried installing, "SwitchRes," but it didn't give any more choices.
I have installed and reinstalled system software
Of course, when I installed the system software, I DID also
install all the "monitors and sound" control panels, AND the ATI drivers.

Would someone please help?
Thank you

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