(3d lsys) avail by ftp (3d lsys) avail by ftp

Post by Tony Aud » Wed, 16 Jun 1993 11:42:06

check out the 3d l-system generator (ms-dos) for POV-Ray raytracer i found
on the graphics alternative bbs 510-524-2780. the qbasic source makes a raw
coordinate file for input to raw2pov for smooth_triangle output. 3 examples
from 'algorithmic beauty of plants' provides about 8 variables that one can
fuss with to produce diff shape trees/bushes.  uploaded as to (mirrored on
"free as air, free as water, free as knowledge" - Melville Dewey

"free as air, free as water, free as knowledge" - Melville Dewey


1. - msdos raytracer avail 4 anon ftp is now available for anonymous ftp from: - msdos/UPLOADS/ - pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/ - incoming/
this is the 286/287 zortech version.  pls contact the author,

for questions.  the 386/387 w/ src version is avail to
registered users (US$50) direct from the author.


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