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fonts fonts fonts!

Post by 2sli » Fri, 17 Dec 1993 18:07:10

I've got dozens of original type disks, from Emigre      the Emigre matrix
family (all fonts) to a large number of Letrea  aset fontek fonts.

I want to trade software. Legally,.    of course; as in, my original disks
and proof of sale for your original disks (* I don't care about proog f
of sale, but the original packaging is nice but of course not required).

I have to trade: the abovenamed fonts, macliun  nk pro (newest version,
in box with cable and both mac and PC disks and manuals), a complete
non-bundle version of adobe photoshop 2.5, all or      in box, all manuals and
miscellaneous other paper slips that came in the box (worth of ver
$500), Kai's Power Tools v1.0, originals    disks, Sketcher 1.0, originals
disks and original cigar-box case, 10 or 12 Nautilus CDs (all of 1992),
Aldus Gallery Effects versions 1 and 2 in orignal   inal boxes,
letrastudio in origna  uin   inal box plus 3 extra p dios  sks of propr  prietary fonts
(2 on each, 6 total).

I'm looking for:

almost ANY FontShop FUSE series font. Almost ANY of the                   ANY of these emigre faces:
elec ktrix, motion, democratica, truip   iplex sans condensed,  
many different fontek faces
any of the INSTANT TYPES series of Fonth shop faces, especially confidential
and karton. Fontshop L POP and POP LED. Any of the followingf      g Neville
Brodyu  d  f  faces: dome, tyson, world, tokyo, typeface 5, typeface 8, gothic,
typeface 90 , typeface 11.

any other grtoo   oovy fonts or graphics software. Make me an offer!

I'm especially interested in fonts and photoshop filters.

bye now

Joshua Lurie-Terrell
CSU Sacramento               Depar     California State Department of Fish & Game
Division of Oil Spill Prevention and Response

the opinions expressed above have nothing a bit whatsoever no WAY!
to do with the dept        DFG/OSPR or   .

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