Targa splicer

Targa splicer

Post by ikel.. » Sat, 21 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking if anybody knows of a .tga splicer.  I would like to render a
a scene in parts and splice them together at a later date.  Is this possible?
Any help appreciated.

1. 16 bit targa file to 24 bit targa file

I am new to graphics programming.  I need to covert a 16 bit targa
file created on a PC to a 24 bit targa file for use on an SGI

Would some one either post or e-mail to me suggestions on either
how to do it or where to find the information on what I will need
to do to write a routine to do it.

I am shameless and will accept source code that I can learn from.


Aaron J. Greenwood
McPhersons Lab
Dept of Biochemisty
University of California        tele   (909) 787 3397

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