Web Graphics Usability

Web Graphics Usability

Post by Mobius_Stri » Fri, 09 Oct 1998 04:00:00

My problem is this.  I use .gif file format for web graphics and i have
experimented with transperency and non-transperency.  Sometimes the
transparency images do not load up.  I am Using Corel6 to sav the

How can I save images as transperant and not receive a broken link



1. Web based usability tools?

Sorry if this is a bit of topic, but I figure someone here would
know a thing or two about building an effective GUI.

Basically I'm looking for some good web sites with information
or tools about how to design/build good user interfaces, human
-> computer usability stuff.  Does anyone know of a few good
sites they could share with me?


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