Help with G4-Ikegami-Griffin gView problem?

Help with G4-Ikegami-Griffin gView problem?

Post by withheld on reque » Thu, 30 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hi, all. A friend of mine recently decided to upgrade an older system from
a IIci with a RasterOps video board to a G4 (quite a jump!). The monitor is
an Ikegami C/T-20 HD Rev. J, which has a Mac-standard 15-pin male plug.

'Bout the only way we could get the computer to drive the monitor was to
purchase a gView video adapter from Griffin Technologies, which resembles
the usual Macintosh video adapter, only bass-ackwards -- the Mac connector
is female, and the VGA 15-pin connector is male, which allows use of a
monitor which has the traditional Mac plug with the VGA port on the AGP
video card.

Now, we get _almost_ a whole picture, but it appears to be shifted about an
inch to the right. Odder still, the last inch of the right edge of the
video appears to be "folded over" -- it wraps backwards over the existing

The video cable is a four-lead job -- RGB, and (I believe) H sync. My sense
is that we need a five-lead cable, but them gomers is expensive, so I
thought I'd ask here if anyone has any insight, before going out and buying

Any thoughts? TIA,
--Bill Pulver
  BillPulver at compuserve dot com


1. Help with G4-Ikegami-Griffin gView problem? Re: Help with G4-Ikegami-Griffin gView problem Re: Help with G4-Ikegami-Griffin gView problem


I had that exact problem on an old PC a few years back. The monitor image
seemed to double expose on the right side. I found that it actually was a
hardware failure, probably because I had put the speakers to close to the
monitor. This may not be the problem you have, but try to connect the monitor
to another system and see if you have the same problem.


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