HP ScanJet IIc/Windows NT 3.51

HP ScanJet IIc/Windows NT 3.51

Post by Mel Drossma » Mon, 18 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have an HP ScanJet IIc scanner connected to a PC on which I am
running Windows NT 3.51 server. The scanner is connected through a SCSI
port. I have not been able to set up the software so it will run
although I have downloaded new drivers from HP, etc. Most recently, I
have tried to follow instructions in a support document I downloaded
from the HP site but it seems to be missing some information at a point
where you are supposed to edit the registry. It says to use the Add Key
edit item but it doesn't tell you what keys to add.
        I would be very appreciative if someone could give me advice on how I
can get the scanner working under Windows NT.


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Ron - This is exactly where such a message should be posted until Autodesk
starts supporting it's $3000 graphics package on the Internet. Please let me
know what you come up with. I am very reluctant to upgrade to 3DS Max
because I know that it will be a nightmare to get essential peripherals and
utilities up and running under NT3.51. For several of these there is no upgrade
path as of yet. (Paint Shop Pro, Deluxe Paint, scanners etc.) We can not
afford to have production down for months, no matter how cool 3D Max
turns out to be.

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