3-D FE mesh display/printing

3-D FE mesh display/printing

Post by Sugata Ghos » Fri, 10 Dec 1993 02:29:50

 I was wondering if someone can suggest softwares/programs to display 3-D
FE mesh and generate concise postscript files for printing or to be
included in Latex.  I tried to use matlab - somehow it does not properly
remove hidden elements/lines and the ps file-size is huge - about 4Mb (color
graphics) for a mesh with 3500 elements.
Any suggestions will be of great help!
Sugata Ghosal


1. voxel viewing of FE mesh


I would like to view 3D data of the internals
of a finite element mesh.

Is it possible to do this with Voxels?

As I understand, viewing voxel data requires
that each voxel, or element, be the same cubic size.

In an auto-generated FE mesh, elements will be
irregular and of different sizes.  Some elements may
even be highly distorted.  Is it even possible to view
a 3D FE mesh using a voxel approach?

tom impelluso

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