N.Carolina 3d CAD s/w dev Hollywood graphics animation Virtual Reality

N.Carolina 3d CAD s/w dev Hollywood graphics animation Virtual Reality

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N. Carolina s/w dev Hollywood graphics animation 3d Virtual Reality CAD

                                            Positions open:

  Quality Assurance / SQA / A/E Application Eng / Virtual Reality / GUI
R & D of graphics & surface geometry  / Software development manger
                                   Sales / Product Manger

    Have the lead management role for the next generation release.
                             Jr. and Sr. positions also available

  Winner of (2) two Computer Graphics World CGW Innovation awards!

                      Used in feature film Terminator 2 and others

Rapidly growing small company, stock options IPO offering
company share, in a friendly company atmosphere. Duke University,
RTP region North Carolina. Named as 10-best places to live in U.S.

World recognized developers in 3-D graphics as principals.
Principal shares will be offered for the Sr. management position.

The software provides Innovative cost effective solutions for 3D:

*Virtual Reality of solid models; insert yourself into a 3-d game.
*Next Generation of functionality for 3D computer modeling and CAD/CAM.
*Rapid prototyping of parts for design engineering.
*Animation for Hollywood feature films, trailers, television, movie
graphics, and 3-d games.

The product is used by AutoCad, Computervision CADDS, Pro-E,
SDRC IDEAS, IBM, Catia, D*, Alias Wavefront users worldwide
and as an extension to diverse design and visualization softwares.

With wide ranging applications from mechanical CAD to Virtual Reality,
we can match your background and interests to these positions:

Software development
Sr. Project Manager
Quality Assurance
Testing, de-bugging
Product Manager
Human Computer interfaces
CAD/CAM A/E engineer
Sr. C++ object oriented specialist
Geometric modeling specialist
Solids and freeform s/w dev.
Virtual Reality
Sales Executive

We can sponsor visa requirements, if needed.

To apply for all North Carolina jobs please contact or send a resume to:

Michael Rund
Tech Visions

phone (706)-864-1244
fax:      (706)-864-1255