Best Visualization Journals?

Best Visualization Journals?

Post by Mike Bott » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I would like to get a feel for which Visualization Journals people out
there read and which they feel are most useful (hopefully, they are one
and the same).  I realize that there are different levels for publishing
visualization articles (e.g. low-level algorithms vs higher-level
applications and lessons).  Please comment on the level of articles if
you can.



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1. CFP: Special Issue of Information Visualization Journal, Palgrove

Coordinated & Multiple Views in Exploratory Visualization
Special Issue of Information Visualization Journal
Vol. 2 No. 4 Palgrave/Macmillan
Guest Editor: Jonathan C. Roberts

Submissions due: 1 August 2003
Acceptance notices: 5 September 2003
Final revisions due: 15 September 2003

The theme for this special issue of the Information Visualization
(Palgrave/ Macmillan) is Coordinated and Multiple Views in
Exploratory Visualization (Published 1 December 2003). Original
papers are solicited in this area. In particular, we encourage
innovative papers detailing novel architectures, formal models,
applications and in-depth reviews.

Over the past few years, the rise of Information Visualization has
produced a diverse range of dynamic and highly interactive visual
environments. These exploratory tools enable a user to investigate,
try out scenarios and search the information and visual space to
generate a better hypothesis and develop a better understanding of
the underlying information. Such investigative environments often
utilize a range of views of the same data, so the user understands
the information from different perspectives; the views are also
tightly coupled together to allow rapid coordinated investigation and

Example topics include, but are not limited to:
- Multiple view techniques (including multiform views and multiple
- Coordinated views, tight coupling, linked views
- Dynamic and rapid interactive visualization techniques
- Formal models (covering appropriate topics such as coordination and
  rapid investigation)
- Multiple views for interactive steering
- Visualization management for view explosion
- Data transformation and re-expression for exploratory visualization
- Exploratory visualization methods/algorithms/tools
- Novel exploratory visualization architectures
- Visual query languages for exploratory visualization
- Case studies and applications of coordinated and multiple views
- Reviews and surveys of related literature
- Spreadsheet-based visualization techniques
- Possible application areas such as (but not limited to):
- GeoVisualization
- Mathematical and Statistical exploration
- Bioinformatics
- Medical visualization
- Web site data
- Web browsing strategies
- Astronomical data

Enquiries should be made to the guest editor. Authors should inform the
guest editor of their intent to submit before submitting a manuscript.
Electronic submissions of manuscripts in PDF or Word (97 or later) are

in printed form, please send four copies of full articles to the guest
editor at:
Dr. Jonathan C. Roberts
Computing Laboratory, University of Kent,
Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NF, UK


Dr. J. C. Roberts

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