Call for 3D Images

Call for 3D Images

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For New 3D Graphics Book

Dear Artists, Producers and Marketing Directors-
I'm looking for 3D images to include in my current book, which is tentatively titled 3D Graphics: From Starting Up to Standing Out. The book will be published by New
Riders, an imprint of Macmillan Publishing, and will be available in February of 1997. New Riders is well known in the computer graphics field for its numerous books,
including Inside 3D Studio.

The book is aimed towards newcomers to the field and also at more experienced artists who wish to improve the appearance of their models, maps & animation. To this
end, the book will cover all aspects of getting started in the business, from 3D basics to landing a job. It will also provide many tutorials, paying particular attention to
techniques like beveling, Booleans, optimization, face extrusion and so forth.

In addition to images from multimedia, design and game companies, I'm looking to include the best samples from individual artists' portfolios as well. While I cannot provide
compensation for the use of these images, some individuals and companies that provide a number of usable images will receive a free copy of the book. Be advised that
this number is extremely limited, however. Still, this is an excellent opportunity to see your work in print alongside other top artists and companies. Naturally, the artist's name
will appear in the caption for the image, along with the company name, if appropriate.

Besides the  substantial number of images will appear in black & white, the 500 page book will include a 16 page full-color section and a hybrid CD-ROM with a gallery of
images in 24-bit color. Plus, one or two of the most awesome images may be used for the cover of the book, along with several on the back cover. By the way, there will
be an option provided in the copyright permission form (attached) if you do not want your image to be reproduced on the CD-ROM.

Particular attention will also be paid to images that clearly demonstrate a certain key principle or technique, such as face extrusions, motion blur, displacement mapping,
volumetric lighting, etc. In some cases, I may want to discuss the image methodology in the text of that section, possibly with quotes from the artist.
Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, September 17th, so please hurry! If you have any questions, please contact Mark Giambruno at (916) 483-6991, or via email

Thank you!

Submission Requirements

Minimum resolution is 640 x 480, with higher resolutions preferred. If you submit images at resolutions higher than 2K, please include a medium resolution version (for easier
viewing) as well.

All submissions must be accompanied by an signed Copyright Permission Form, granting New Riders Publishing the permission to include the image in this book. Multiple
images can be listed on the form.

Submissions may be sent in the form of files on floppy or ZIP disks, in either PC or Mac formats, or as slides. Note that floppies and slides will not be returned except under
special circumstances. ZIP disks will be returned via Priority Mail within 15 days of receipt. All submissions are sent or returned at your risk, and neither New Riders
Publishing nor the author will be responsible for lost images or media.

Please send the submissions to the following address:
Mark Giambruno
4517 Oxbow Drive
Sacramento, CA 95864

Book Information
3D Graphics: From Starting Up to Standing Out (working title)
500 pages, with 16 pages in color and bundled CD-ROM
New Riders Publishing, shipping in February 1997
SRP: $49.95

About the Author
Mark Giambruno is a * 3D artist and writer who worked for Mondo Media/Mechadeus for a number of years. There, he was involved in many of Mondo Media's
multimedia and point-of-sale demo projects as an artist, writer and project director. Later, he became the Creative Director of Mechadeus' CD-ROM game titles Critical Path
and The Daedalus Encounter.

In addition, he is the author of  BradyGAMES' The Official Guide to The Daedalus Encounter and currently writes the Animata column and feature articles for InterActivity


M  A  C  M  I  L  L  A  N      C  O  M  P  U  T  E  R      P  U  B  L  I  S  H  I  N  G  U S A
201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46290

        The undersigned, ___________________, hereby grants Macmillan Computer Publishing USA (the "Publisher") the non-exclusive and irrevocable right and
permission, for the full term of copyright and any renewals or extensions thereof, to use and to publish the material described below, in all editions, revisions and
adaptations of the work tentatively entitled 3D Graphics: From Starting Up to Standing Out (the "Work") and in any derivative works based thereon published or distributed
throughout the world, in all languages and formats and on any medium now known or hereinafter devised, and in any promotion or advertising for the Work.

        The undersigned hereby represents that the undersigned has the right to grant the permission requested and that the material does not infringe upon the
copyright or other personal or proprietary rights of third parties.  The undersigned hereby agrees to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless the Author and
Publisher from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the material, including (but not by way of limitation) to any and all claims for
copyright or trademark infringement, libel or invasion of privacy.  This authorization and release shall also inure to the benefit of the legal representatives of the Author and
Publisher, its parent company subsidiaries, licensees and/or assignees.

        Company   _______________________
        Signature   _______________________    
        Date:          _______________________

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL TO BE USED (Please make a note if you DO NOT want certain images to be included in electronic form on the CD_ROM:


Call for 3D Images

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> For New 3D Graphics Book

> Submissions may be sent in the form of files on floppy or ZIP disks, in

either PC or Mac formats, or as slides.

uhm---never heard of email?


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