stripping algorithms ?

stripping algorithms ?

Post by S├ębastien Bar » Wed, 30 Dec 1998 04:00:00

(sorry for the multipost to c.g.a., my fault, and was unable to cancel
the first one)

Dear c.g.v. readers.

I'm looking for any links/informations to sophisticated/recent stripping
algorithms (transforming triangles to triangles strips).

Any help (links, files) would be useful.

Thanks a lot.

(please, cc: any answers to my email also : i'll be out of town a week,
and my french server does not seem to save a lot of articles in the
comp.* hierarchy).
Sebastien Barre :


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Hello and Thanks in Advance.

  I'm looking for an algorithm to convert a surface tesselation into one or

more triangle strips to improve graphics speed on OpenGL display hardware.

  As input I have a list of points with the topology of the tesselation:

  I would like as output:

  Any help would be appreciated, even a URL.

Paul Tallon
Senior Development Engineer

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