Needed: Apple Color OneScanner "extension"

Needed: Apple Color OneScanner "extension"

Post by Colin Anders » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi, I'm on vacation with my PowerMac 8500/120 and my Apple Color
OneScanner 600/27.  I recently reformatted my hard drive and lost the
'scanner' extension. I still have Photoshop and the scanner plugin on my
Zip drive.  I really need to get ahold of this extension (about 80k or so)
within the next few hours/days.  If you own the Apple Color OneScanner
600/27 or 1200/30, could you please e-mail me the extension as an attached
file. Please note that the extension I need comes only with the ACOS
600/27 and 1200/30, the scanner extension on Apple's FTP and Web sites is
outdated and does not work. Thank you in advance!!

Colin Anderson


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Bob Neylon  Tel: (66-2)381-8429  Fax:(66-2)381-8430

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