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BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA, March 31, 1999 - Building on its reputation as the EPS
and PostScript specialist in the Macintosh shareware utility market, Art Age
Software today released EPS Factory.

EPS Factory renders EPS files more useful by adding previews and thumbnails,
fixing bounding box inaccuracies, distilling (cleaning up) messy PostScript
code, and translating PostScript files to EPS. When an EPS file is not behaving
the way it should or is not realizing its full potential, refurbish it at EPS

Add or Replace Previews and Thumbnails

Some applications that save to EPS format either fail to create a screen
preview image, or create one of very poor quality. EPS Factory can create new
screen previews for your EPS files, whether or not the original files already
have previews. At the user's option, EPS Factory will create thumbnail images
as well, making EPS files easier to browse in QuickTime-capable applications.

Calculate and Write An Accurate Bounding Box

Unfortunately, many applications that save to EPS format inaccurately write
bounding box limits. Some do not write them at all. This becomes apparent when
you attempt to use an EPS graphic only to discover that part of it is missing,
or excess white space surrounds the image. EPS Factory can compute and write
accurate bounding boxes for your EPS files, eliminating the need for you to
manually alter the PostScript code.

Simplify the PostScript Code for Problem Free Printing

Many applications create EPS files using illegal PostScript operators.
Additionally, some software applications generate convoluted PostScript code
that can give PostScript printers and RIPs fits of indigestion. As a result,
EPS files created by these applications may fail to print properly when placed
and printed in the context of another document. EPS Factory can clean-up and
simplify the PostScript code of a PostScript or EPS file, resulting in
problem-free printing.

Create EPS Files From PostScript Files

EPS Factory can generate an EPS file from a raw PostScript file. As an EPS
file, it will possess a preview, thumbnail, proper bounding box comment, and
the ability to be placed in applications that import EPS files.

EPS Factory requires a Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor running
System 7.0 or later. To use the thumbnail feature, the Macintosh must have
QuickTime installed.

As are all Art Age products, EPS Factory is distributed electronically and can
be downloaded for 30-day trial from the Art Age Software web site,
http://members.aol.com/ArtAge, or from a variety of other online sources. The
cost is $24.95 per copy.


Art Age Software was founded with the goal of delivering elegant software
solutions to specific real-world computing problems. We heartily embrace the
notion that when it comes to software, "less is more." If a particular feature
is not obviously and instantly useful to 90% of a product's users, then we
believe it should not be occupying their precious RAM and disk space, or
cluttering up the product's human interface.

Art Age Software has gained the reputation as a leading developer of quality
shareware utilities for Macintosh. In addition to EPS Factory, its line of
award-winning EPS shareware utilities includes epsConverter, EPStoPICT and EPS


1. Bounding box - bounding box collision algorithm

Let us say we have two bounding boxes in 3D space, each defined by 3 vectors
that form a basis (the vectors are 90 degrees from each other, but can vary in
length).  The vectors describe the length, width, and depth of the bounding
box, so we can easily derive the 8 corner points by adding the vectors and the
boxes origin in various combinations.

The problem is, how do you determine if these two bounding boxes collide?

There are several cases when collision between bbox A and B will occur:

1. If any point of B is within the 6 planes of A.
2. If any edge of B intersects the 6 planes of A.
3. If B completely surrounds A.


1. If any quad (polygon) of B intersects with any quad of A.
2. If B completely surrounds A.

Is this correct?  Have I missed any cases?

Does anyone have any code to do this kind of thing, or know where I might find

Any suggestions about how to do this, or maybe how to trivially reject more
stuff.  Obviously this isn't as simple as an axis-aligned bbox collision, so
there don't seem to be any easy tricks.

Reply or CC via e-mail if possible.


Stuart Denman

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