algorithm sought: intersection of line and bezier

algorithm sought: intersection of line and bezier

Post by Earl Boebe » Thu, 17 Dec 1992 04:29:52

Assume one has an arbitrary 2d cubic bezier in xy space, defined by
four control points, and an arbitrary line defined as y = ax+b.
Further assume that it is known that the line crosses the curve at
least once.  Can any kind soul point me to a fast algorithm for
finding the point(s) of intersection?

Many thanks,


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hi there,

I am trying to solve the problem to intersect bezier curves and bezier curves
and algebraic curves, can somebody please point me towards information that can
help me to do that efficiently?

the solution I need, needs to be precise so polygonization of the curves
doesn't work. from reading books and scanning certain magazines, I think I
should be using an algorithm that utilizes implicitization of the parametric

thanks for any kind of input


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