Schematics program or source needed

Schematics program or source needed

Post by Thomas Richard Dibb » Wed, 23 Sep 1992 00:05:44

I recently downloaded the PSpice for Windows package from wuarchive for my
roommate, who is an Electrical Engineering major.  I am a Chem Eng major and
imediately saw how useful such a program would be in calculating flows.  From
speaking to CM's in the field, I know such programs exist, but have not been
able to locate one which is in the public domain or shareware.

What I am requesting is (if anyone knows of one) how I can get a copy of
a Flows Schematic and Analysis package.  If I can not locate one in the p.d.
or as shareware, I plan to roll-my-own, so source from other schematics
programs (the analyis part I can do myself) would also be much appreciated.
Windows or DOS is okay.  I would prefer 'C' code.

        Thanks in advance,

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1. In need of information about a graphical/schematic program

Hello All,

I am a summer research intern for Compaq and I am in need of a
graphical/schematic program or algorithm, preferably written in C (C++ or
java would be OK), which will work in conjunction with our version control

Our program deals with the creation, modification and merging of files
within a version of a particular product.  It allows any user to take a
version, new or old, and generate another version by implementing his/her
own modifications.  There will be numerous versions that will be produced
before an actual product is finalized.  However, the need for an
illustrative format is a must and thus, I am in search of a program that
will enable the user to visually see the history of the version control

The graphical program will illustrate a timeline connect-the-dot pathway for
each event similar to a flow chart.  Every node is a new version and each
node will contain relevant information about what files are within it, which
files are being modified, and whos modifying them.  In addition, each node
will have a tag that tells the user what version it is (i.e. version 2 or
3.1.1) and the date at which it was being modified, created, deleted or
added.   The program should also incorporate a users request for seeing a
specified section of the diagram.  For instance, if the user requests
certain information on version 2, the program should automatically display
version 2 and its surroundings within a window, instead of the entire
timeline.  So in a sense you have maneuverability to go from one end of the
entire diagram to the other, have zoom in and out capabilities, and other
user-friendly features as well.

I would appreciate any information (white paper, existing programs,
algorithms, etc) or direction (URL, a book, etc) relating to my search.
Thank you for your time.

Eric Garnace

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