X/GLX/GL and window/font/text

X/GLX/GL and window/font/text

Post by Alexis WIL » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 13:57:24

 Is there a way to load a font to use with multiple gl window
 aplication without having to reload/create it each time?
 Any reason for glxusefont to be so slow? it take like 1 second
 for a 13pixel font on a 150mhz Indy to be 'created'.
 And without beying able to 'preload' the font for each windows,
 it can be really be a problem.

 thanks in advance for any tips and info. (The online books didn't
 help me... I couldn't find anything)


1. Destroying GL windows / widgets in GLX

I am writing an X-windows application which will create an arbitrary
number of instances of a shell window with two openGL drawing areas in
each.  Every now and then when the user exits these windows, I get an
X11 protocol error from the GLXMakeCurrent function.  I can't figure
out what I'm doing wrong.  I'm destroying the widgets and then
destroying the contexts from those two areas.  Is there a correct order
for these operations?  How does one properly destroy a window with an
openGL context / drawing area?

And a related question: when you destroy a context, are all display
lists and textures associated with that context destroyed/freed as well?

Thanks, Ryan

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