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"Human-Generated": an exhibition of contemporary digital painting
                   by Michael Swartzbeck

Now available for viewing at

For further information, Mr. Swartzbeck's professional resume can be
viewed at


Michael Swartzbeck has been active on the leading edge of digital
painting since the mid-1980s, when his ground-breaking fotomontage work
on Macintosh graphic systems first appeared in the VERBUM Journal of
Personal Computer Aesthetics of San Diego, California. Having appeared in
nearly every issue of the print edition since then -- as well as on
numerous VERBUM CD's -- Mr. Swartzbeck has acquired a growing national
reputation with audiences and art directors alike at such publications as
the Journal of the National Association of Desktop Publishers and
Step-By-Step Electronic Design. This exhibit features his best work from
his earliest pieces in "MacPaint"-based imaging software up through his
current abstract fotomontages in VideoPaint and Photoshop.

His work had its "traditional" gallery debut at VERBUM's first "Imagine"
digital art exhibit in 1989, held in conjunction with the annual Apple
Developers' Conference in Newport Beach, California. His work has since
appeared in VERBUM's "Imagine" shows at Macworld Expos in Tokyo (1989)
and San Francisco (1991), as well as VERBUM's "Digital Be-In" at
Macworld/San Francisco in 1992, as part of a multimedia digital art
"happening" celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original 1967 San
Francisco "Human Be-In". In the fall of 1990, his work was among that of
several digital artists' work featured at the opening of the VERBUM
Gallery in San Diego.

Mr. Swartzbeck's work has also appeared in two volumes in VERBUM's
"Digital Art" book series -- "The Gray Book", November 1990, detailing
black-and-white design techniques, and in the "VERBUM Book Of Scanned
Imagery", March 1991, a series of "how-tos" on the subject of working
with scanners and found images; as well as several pages of his art, Mr.
Swartzbeck also contributed a written chapter on his montage technique to
the "Book Of Scanned Imagery". The Journal of the National Association of
Desktop Publishers featured a series of Mr. Swartzbeck's works on its
covers throughout 1992 and 1993; several of these pieces can be viewed on
his resume page.

Currently, Mr. Swartzbeck is a member of "The OTIS Project", an online
art space for exhibitions, discussions and creative collaboration (at its
weekly "PANIC" online collaboration sessions), as well as Washington
Project for the Arts (WPA), where his work has appeared in the members'
biennial exhibits in 1993 and 1995. In addition, Mr. Swartzbeck is
currently a participant in WPA's "Artists' Roundtable", helping to shape
the future direction and artistic philosophy of Washington, DC's premier
contemporary arts organization, and the city's arts community at large.

For further information or comment, Mr. Swartzbeck can be reached at:

For more information on "The OTIS Project", write to:

Current "OTIS" works can be viewed at , or .

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