Copy DVD to HD, play the DVD from HD

Copy DVD to HD, play the DVD from HD

Post by Diego Barro » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 21:18:30

Is it possible to copy the contents of a DVD to the hard disk, and then
play it from the hard disk? What can I use to play the DVD? I only have a
DVD drive on a Windows machine, but want to play around with playing
movies, etc, on the Mac.



1. HD cache when playing .fli, helps ??

I just feel sorry for my HD. When it plays large .fli, HD light is almost
constantly blinking.. so I tried some caching programs (smartdrv, ncache2)
turns out that it didnt help any.. both cache programs report a small # of
hit/read ratio.
Anyway to minimize HD access & therefore speed up .fli ??


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